What is SunrisePay?

What is WePay?

Lendio's invoicing solution allows businesses like your to  collect payments directly from your customers through a partnership with WePay. WePay is an online payment service provider powered by Chase that provides an integrated payment solution so business owners to accept payments directly from customers through an invoice. WePay provides fraud and risk protection and it is trusted by top brands like Meetup, Constant Contact, and Webconnex. Key feature; Business owners can accept payments via credit card or bank transfer, as well as automatic payments through recurring invoices.

What does that mean for you? Faster payments, with secure online payments in 3 easy steps;

1 - Set up your WePay Account 
  1. Verify your business details to make sure secure payments are deposited directly into your account. No Chase bank account needed. 
2 - Sending an Invoice & Start Getting paid!
  1. Create an invoice using a custom template and send it directly to your customers! Customers pay invoices through an online portal for quick and easy payments. Now you can accept online payments, all for free!
3 - Confirm your WePay merchant account
  1. You have up to 14 days after receiving your first payment to verify your business details. Payment processors must verify who they are doing business with before a transaction can be completed. Usually, a business is approved immediately. Plus you can always click on “Payments” to get to the WePay merchant portal in case you need to issue a refund or dispute a chargeback.

WePay Support Center: https://support.wepay.com/hc/en-us

WePay is available in the US only.

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