What is SunrisePay?

What is SunrisePay?

What is SunrisePay? 

Sunrise by Lendio has partnered with WePay. WePay is an online payment service provider powered by Chase that allows Sunrise customers an integrated and customizable payment solution for their business. WePay provides fraud and risk protection and it is trusted by top brands like Meetup, Constant Contact, and Webconnex. 

Key features
Business owners can accept payments via credit card or bank transfer, as well as automatic payments through recurring invoices.
  1. Creating a Sunrise Pay account
  2. Sending an invoice
  3. Paying an invoice
  4. Recurring payments
  5. Setting up your merchant account to receive payment
  6. Know Your Customer
  7. Merchant Portal, payments, refunds, chargebacks

Creating A SunrisePay Account 
  1. Sign up for Sunrise and you are automatically signed up for a merchant account and can send invoices immediately. Receive same day payments. All for free!
Sending an Invoice
  1. Create an invoice using a custom template or use one of Sunrise’s pre-made templates in no time! Your customers can make payments the same day through SunrisePay. 
Paying an Invoicing
  1. Customers pay invoices through an online portal for quick and easy payments.
Recurring payments
  1. Set up an invoice as a subscription so that the customer is automatically billed every month with a saved card and increase your payback.
Setting up your merchant account
  1. You have up to 14 days after receiving your first payment to verify your business details. Payment processors must verify who they are doing business with before a transaction can be completed. Usually, a business is approved immediately. 
Merchant Portal
  1. Click on “Payments” to get to the merchant portal in case you need to issue a refund or dispute a chargeback.

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