Variables for Recurring Invoices and Email Templates in Sunrise by Lendio

Variables for Recurring Invoices and Email Templates

Use these variables to automatically populate default emails or recurring invoices.

With subscription invoice variables, you do not have to manually update subscription invoices with, for example, week number, month name, and more.
This means that the information on the invoices will automatically be updated on the ongoing invoices that you have created through the subscription module.

When you are looking to add more invoice templates and update default emails, you'll want to get your hands on these variable codes. 
  1. Head to Settings > Templates
  2. Then either chose the default template to edit or if you have multiple brands, create a new template.
Here is a list of variables that you can insert and use in your recurring invoices and in the invoice templates:

‚Äč{{week}} - Week number
{{month}} - name of the month
{{year}} - Year
{{nextMonth}} - Next month's name
{{nextMonthYear}} - Year of next month
{{amount}} - Amount
{{}} - Contact's name
{{}} - Company name
{{headerMessage}} - Any message to the customer (recurring invoices only)
{{entryDate}} - Invoice date (YYYY-MM-DD)
{{dueDate}} - Last Payment date (YYYY-MM-DD)
{{dueDate | date format:'%e. %b %Y'}} - Payment date formatted July 8, 2016
{{dueDate | date format:'%d.%m.%Y'}} - Payment Date 07/08/2016 formatted

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