Uploading a Numbers spreadsheet to Sunrise

Uploading a Numbers spreadsheet to Sunrise

Uploading a Numbers spreadsheet to Sunrise

Are you using a Mac and Numbers? We got you covered.

Here's the proper way to upload spreadsheets using Numbers on Mac. Thanks to one of our Facebook Community Members who shared her experience! 

  1. Make sure the spreadsheet is in CSV format. 

  2. The date column needs to be in this format: 12/15/16. 

  3. Go to Inspector, and under cell, you have a dropdown with an option to change it.

  4. Pick the proper formatting. 

  5. If you have commas in the spreadsheet, use the FIND and REPLACE feature. 

  6. Put "," in the FIND and REPLACE keep it empty. It will remove the commas. 

  7. Then erase the $ sign. 

  8. Go in Inspector and under Cell change from CURRENCY to NUMBER. 

This should allow for proper importing. :)

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