Transactions not appearing in Sunrise

Transactions not appearing in Sunrise

If a you've connected your account, but no transactions are appearing in Sunrise. Here are some steps to consider:

A couple of questions

  1. Have you confirmed that your bank is on our list of supported banks? 
  2. How long ago was the connection created? It can take 24-36 hours for transactions to appear, depending on the bank's system. Has it been 36 hours or longer? 
  3. When you look at Accounting  -> Chart of Accounts -> Banks and liquid assets, is "Payment Enabled" displaying?
  4. When you go to Bank Accounts and click on the Reconcile button, do you see any transactions? 

 If the answer to the first three questions is "yes," and the last one is "no," please provide your bank’s name and a ticket will be open with our bank connection team. 

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