Setting Up Square and Stripe as a Payment Method

***Setting Up Square and Stripe as a Payment Method

Square and Stripe Payments are not available with free subscriptions. Upgrade your subscription here to use these payment options.

Our integration with Stripe and Square lets you leverage their extensive payments network and helps you get paid faster. Additionally, when you link Square or Stripe accounts, data is automatically uploaded into your account for easy tracking and reporting. We’ll walk you through how to connect your Stripe or Square accounts. Let’s get started!

Note: If you have trouble logging in via Stripe/Square, try using a different tab on your browser.

Setting Up your Stripe/Square Account

Step 1: Click the Settings tab at the bottom of the navigation bar.
Step 2: Select Payment methods.
Step 3: Click the green button labeled Add payment method in the top right corner.
Step 4: You'll be prompted to add a new payment method on your screen. Select Stripe or Square from the drop-down menu and continue to create your payment account. For this example, we will select Stripe.

Step 5: Click Continue to Stripe to connect an existing account or set up a new account. If you have an existing account with Stripe, you can login at this time and authorize the integration.

Now you've created and connected your Stripe account, you will be ready to start accepting credit card payments on your invoices.
When customers pay, you'll receive an email notification from Lendio that your payment is being processed. After the initial 7 day waiting period, each payment thereafter will be automatically deposited to your bank account within 48 hours with the Stripe/Square fee already taken out.

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