Set up the system to automatically apply tax rates on invoices

Set up the system to automatically apply tax rates on invoices

Here is the process to set up Sunrise so that tax rates, regardless of their local name (sales tax, VAT, GST). This may be auto-applied on invoices.

Step 1: Define rates
  1. Go to Settings > VAT rates
  2. To create rates, click the Create rate button 
  3. Fill out the fields
  4. If both incoming and outgoing VAT rates apply, be sure to name carefully 

  1. Check for VAT Ruleset
  2. Either create from scratch or check the current ruleset to see if the Fallback rate is defined.
  3. Fallback rate is a fancy term meaning apply this rate if no other rules apply.

Note: when creating invoices that use a different rate, it will need to be manually set in the invoice 
Save any changes

Step 2: Define product taxes
  1. Go to Settings > Products
  2. Locate/create products where taxes need to be applied.
  3. In the VAT field, select the applicable rule
  4. Now the system can apply the rates for you
note: any of this can be overwritten within the invoice if there's an exception. 

Sunrise can currently only apply one tax rate at a time. This limitation will likely change at some point in the future.

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