Recurring payments for invoices

Recurring payments for invoices

Recurring payments for invoices

Accept automatic payments when you use recurring invoices

When you create a recurring invoice, your customers have the option to set up automatic payments using Bank Transfers (US only) and Credit/Debit cards, which is a great way to get paid faster and saves time for your customers, too.

When will my customer's card be charged for a recurring payment?

A customer who sets up recurring payments will be charged when each scheduled invoice is created. If you set the invoice to be sent on January 1st with a due date of January 5th, your customer will be charged on January 1st. Sunrise sends a receipt for each payment and notifies you when the invoice is paid.

How does my customer change their payment method or cancel a recurring payment?

Your customer can manage their payment method under "Subscriptions" or on any recurring invoice in their customer portal. They can change their payment type or stop automatic payments. If your customer removes their payment method, they will continue to receive invoices but will need to manually pay them. They can set up recurring payments at any time.

Can I make changes to future invoices with a recurring payment?

Yes, you can make changes to a recurring invoice after your customer has set up regular payments. However, you will need to notify them of changes up to 10 days prior* to the scheduled payment date. Sunrise will prompt you to send an email when you change an invoice with an attached recurring payment. Any changes you make will be charged on the next scheduled invoice date.

*To remain compliant with NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines for bank payments and credit card processing, Sunrise requires that changes to recurring payments must include a notice that is sent ten calendar days before a scheduled payment for monthly or yearly payments, one week before weekly subscriptions, or one day before daily recurring payments.

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