Plus Subscription - FAQ

Plus Subscription - FAQ

Plus Subscription FAQ's 


Plus is a premier, do -it- yourself software package for small businesses. It takes several newly released features, tools, and bundles them together. With a Plus account, you get all the essentials to make expense management simple, plus additional robust features to manage your capital like a pro. 

What is included in my Plus account?

You get all the features of the Free Self Service account, and the following tools:

  • Additional Customer Payment Options: Stripe, Square, and PayPal

  • Discounts on processing fees, including a 1% discount on payment processing fees for credit cards and ACH transactions through WePay

  • Expanded Auto- Categorization and Smart Matching tools

  • Recurring Invoices and Invoice Customization Features

  • 1099 Export Tools for easier tax filing

  • Unlimited Account Users and Business Organization access by Inviting Your Team

  • Deeper Cash Flow Insights to know the health of your business

Why do I need to input my credit card information to begin my free trial?

We’re confident that once you experience Plus you will want to stick around, and collecting credit card information upfront helps simplify the process. If you don’t find value then canceling is easy. You won’t be charged if you cancel before your trial ends. 

Can I sign up for multiple free trials?

Free trials are limited to 1 per user (organization). If you have multiple companies that you would like to manage, only one can have a free trial. 

Are there limitations to what I may do during a free trial?

No limitations, you will have full access to the software. 

I’m a Plus subscriber, why am I unable to edit/customize the standard (default) invoice template?

The standard (default) template is un-editable, however Plus users may create unlimited new custom templates. A custom template can be created by going to the “My Business” tab on the navigation menu and clicking on Invoice Templates. For further instructions, click here

How do I cancel my subscription

You can cancel directly in your account setting. You will need to be logged in to do this. For further instructions, click here

What happens if I cancel in the middle of a free trial?

If you cancel in the middle of a free trial, you won’t lose access and you will still have access to all of the Plus functionalities until the end of your trial.  At the end of your trial, you will then have access to the Free Self Service Account.

What happens if I cancel in the middle of a billing cycle?

If you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle you won’t lose access and you will still have access to Plus until the end of your billing cycle.  At the end of your billing cycle, you will then have access to the Free Self Service. 

Do I lose features after canceling Plus?

When you cancel your Plus account you will lose some features. However, if you have set up a recurring invoice or similar process (such as user accounts) these will not be shut off. For example, you’ll no longer be able to create new recurring invoices, but you can remove/delete existing ones.

If I cancel my Plus subscription what happens to the recurring invoices I have set up?

The existing recurring invoices will continue to send on their regular cadence and they can be canceled /deleted as needed. You will be unable to edit or create new recurring invoices.

If I cancel my Plus subscription what happens to invoices that are set up with Stripe/Paypal/Square payment integrations?

Your customers will be able to pay existing invoices via Stripe/Paypal/Square, and any auto-pay using these integrations will be allowed to continue. Stripe/PayPal/Square will not be allowed on any new invoices, and any existing draft invoices will no longer be integrated with Stripe/Paypal/Square.

If I cancel my Plus subscription what happens to the multiple organizations that have been created?

You will retain access to any organization you created, but will be unable to create new organizations. 

If I cancel my Plus subscription what happens to the multiple users that were given access to the account?

The multiple users will retain their access, but no new users may be added.

I’m a user with multiple organizations. Will I enjoy Plus for all my organizations?

The Plus subscription is organization based, and will only apply to the original organization subscribed. Any additional organization created will be subscribed to the free version unless separately upgraded.

When did Plus launch?

Plus was offered as a subscriptions on September 1, 2021


Need more help? If you still have questions, send our customer experience team a message by clicking Help on the Navigation Menu or email

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