Sunrise Loan Forgiveness Q&A

Sunrise Loan Forgiveness Q&A

Why did we change our Loan Forgiveness program?

  1. With so much uncertainty in Washington D.C. and ambiguity around blanket loan forgiveness, we decided that the best way to support our small business owners was to offer a free platform. Through this platform, people can chat with a Loan Forgiveness Advisor who will answer questions regarding their application. We want to foster a community where users can come and get information surrounding PPP and loan forgiveness. Although our program has changed slightly, we are still committed to assisting SMBs.

What are the next steps for people that bought Sunrise Loan Forgiveness Packages?

  1. We will be issuing a FULL REFUND for those that have purchased the loan forgiveness packages. Other than that, nothing else changes. You will still get a dedicated Loan Forgiveness Specialist that will help you track all of your PPP loan expenses, create a schedule-A, and guide you through the application process. Moving forward, those that did not purchase the package will have access our free platform.

When should I get my refund?

  1. Your refund should be processed at the latest, August 21, 2020. Depending on your bank it can take up to 10 business days to hit your bank. Please reach out to if you have not received your refund by Sept 4. 

What does this mean for professional bookkeeping clients?

  1. Loan forgiveness is included for our current bookkeeping clients. Please reach out to your bookkeeper for more information.

What does this free Loan Forgiveness platform look like?

  1. If you did not pay for a loan forgiveness package, you’ll have access to our comprehensive do-it-yourself resources and tools, including:
    1. PPP Loan Forgiveness Application checklist 
    2. Dozens of expertly written articles
    3. Searchable knowledge base
    4. Live support with a Loan Forgiveness Advisor (upon linking your bank account in the Sunrise bookkeeping platform)
  2. By linking your bank account, our community of PPP Loan Forgiveness Advisors will be able to easily assess your unique situation and better answer any additional questions you may have. Stay tuned for the free platform, we will update you once it has launched.

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