How to: Set up Payments on the Mobile App

How to: Set up Payments on the Mobile App

Users of Lendio's software solution have access to WePay, which is an easy and secure way to accept credit cards and ACH bank transfers for your business’ invoices. You can set up a merchant processing account with WePay on your desktop, but now you can also set it up right from the Lendio Expenses & Invoicing App on your phone.

Start by tapping the hamburger menu on the upper right-hand corner of the app, then tap WePay.

On the next screen, you will be prompted to create your merchant account and add your business bank account (if you already haven’t done so).

You will be prompted to set up a password for your WePay account (confirmed by email). After security, you will be prompted to enter banking details such as your routing number, account number, bank name, and account type. WePay is powered by Chase Bank but does not require any affiliation with Chase bank to use the WePay account.

Note: you have 14 days to create your merchant account, so you can still accept invoice payments from your customers during this window. After 14 days, if you haven’t yet created your account, the invoice payments will be refunded.

You’re now ready to receive payments through WePay! If this is your first time setting up your account, your first few credit card payments may take 2-5 business days. This is due to a security measure as we build your business profile, protecting you from fraud and other risks. In short order, your payments will process faster once your profile is made.

Usually, payments made by credit card will arrive in your account within 2 business days (of when the payment was issued by your client). ACH bank transfer payments take about 3-5 days to arrive.

WePay also offers same-day deposits for Chase business bank accounts at no additional cost.

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