How to Send an Invoice Reminder and Add Late Fees on the Mobile App

How to Send an Invoice Reminder and Add Late Fees on the Mobile App

Sometimes, you may just remember that an invoice you’ve sent is almost late while you’re out of the office. Or maybe an invoice is already late and now you’ll want to add a late fee. Luckily, your Sunrise mobile app can help you deal with just such situations.

We’ve already walked you through how to create invoices through the mobile app. Here is how you can send out an invoice reminder or add a late fee on an invoice that is past due.

Tap Invoices on the bottom menu to see your overview screen of all your invoices. Here, you can see which ones are yet unpaid or overdue.

To send an invoice reminder, tap the invoice in question. You’ll see the invoice details and a button to Send Reminder.

Tapping this brings up a prompt where you can choose whether to send the invoice reminder by either email or text. If the invoice contact doesn’t already have a phone number saved, you can add it at this point as well.

As seen above, there is a toggle for Attach Late Fee that is off by default. If you want to add a fee, tap this toggle on. Once you do, you will see an additional prompt to add either a percentage or a dollar amount as your late fee.

With or without a late fee attached, you can tap Send Reminder to finish this task.

Chasing down late invoices can be a hassle. The Sunrise app makes it easier for you to do so.

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