How to Import Contacts into Sunrise

How to Import Contacts into Sunrise


With Sunrise, you can create a contact manually, and you can also import your contacts in bulk. This is a great method if you're switching over to Sunrise from a different accounting tool and want to transfer your contacts in bulk into Sunrise.


  •  CSV - Comma Separated Values, a data file in a spreadsheet format for easy uploading into Sunrise

Create your file for Import

Step 1: In your old accounting platform or your email platform, you will need to export a Contact list in CSV format.Detailed instructions on how to generate this CSV file can be found within the help feature of your various platforms.

  • In an accounting platform a Contact list tends to be described as a Vendor & a Customer list. 

To Import into Sunrise

Step 1: In Sunrise you can access the Contact homepage from the My Business tab on the Navigation Menu

Step 2: From the More drop down list, select Import Contacts

Step 3: Click Choose CSV file & navigate to the necessary file(s). Once your file has successfully imported, you will see this message.

Tip: If you click on the blue Export contacts option, you can download an example of how your csv columns should look. We recommend you take the time to compare your exported csv from your chosen platform & edit it to conform to the Sunrise csv example. 

Need more help? If you have trouble with this process, send our customer experience team a message by clicking Help on the Navigation Menu or email

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