How to enable preferred format on your invoices

How to enable preferred format on your invoices

Sunrise is currently set up using terms that may be different from your country or region. The following steps are a way to display your invoices in your prefered format.

Step 1: To stop the Routing Number from displaying on your invoices:

  1. Settings > Payment methods
  2. Mouse over the bank account until the edit icon displays at the end of the row (pencil and paper)
  3. Click icon
  4. Uncheck the box labeled "Enabled as default on new invoices."
  5. Complete

Step 2: To enable preferred formatting on the invoice:

There are two choices:

Option 1: Payment Methods Screen
  1. Settings > Payment methods
  2. Click the green "Add payment method" button
  3. Select "Other" as the Account type
  4. Paste in desired instructions 
  5. Be sure to check "Enabled as default on new invoices."

Option 2: Using the Template
  1. Settings > Templates
  2. Select template for editing
  3. Language tab > invoices section
  4. Add information to "Document footer message."

Option 1: Keeps all info in one spot but creates a 'phantom account.' So be sure to label it carefully. You will not want to use it for anything else.
Option 2: Has the information in two places.

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