How to Enable Gratuity/Tipping on Invoices

How to Enable Gratuity/Tipping on Invoices

Here’s a hot tip: you can now enable gratuity (aka tipping) on your invoices. A recent analysis of our user base showed that the majority provide services, rather than selling products. Because of this, our team wanted to make it easy for users to add a gratuity option as a potential added source of revenue that both you and your customers may appreciate.

Especially in the U.S., it’s commonplace for freelancers who work a physical service such as servers, bartenders, movers, delivery people, drivers, and concierge to receive tips that can make up between 10% to over 50% of their income.

And while tipping, say, a freelance web developer isn’t very common, a gratuity option can make it easy for a satisfied client to provide a bonus for going above-and-beyond, or even just for birthdays and holidays.

How to enable gratuity on invoices

From your dashboard, click on Invoices on the left hand navigation and create a new invoice or select a draft of an invoice.

On the lower right of the invoice, below Subtotal and Tax, there will be an “Allow gratuity” toggle.

Toggle to the “on” position to allow gratuity on this invoice when delivered to your client.

The client will have the option to add certain percentages or choose a custom amount for gratuity.

The gratuity option is available to all Lendio supported online payment methods, including WePay (credit card and ACH), Stripe, Square, and PayPal.

Turning on gratuity on all invoices by default

You can choose to turn on gratuity on all your invoices by default. Click the gear wheel icon next to your account name on the left hand navigation. Then choose App Settings.

Check the box for Enable gratuity by default. You can even choose to categorize your tips into a specific revenue  account via the pull down menu. “4230 - Gratuities and tips” is selected as the default.

That's all there is to it. Now you can automatically have a gratuity line for your invoices.

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