How do I delete bank transactions in Sunrise by Lendio?

How to Delete Bank Transactions

Sometimes you need to remove bank transactions from your list of transactions. This could be because you had a duplicate transaction, a transaction bounced, or it was entered incorrectly. Here is how you can delete a bank transaction in a few simple steps. 

Step 1: Select Bank Accounts in the navigation menu.
Step 2: Select the account with the transaction you’d like to remove.

Step 3: Click the green Match Transactions button.
Step 4: At the top left of the table, the system lists how many transactions are available to reconcile.
  1. Select the blue Edit link. 

  1. Checkboxes will appear next to each transaction and at the top of the table. 
  2. If all transactions need to be removed, click the checkbox at the top of the table to select all of them at once. 
  3. If some of the transactions need to be removed, click the boxes next to the transaction individually. 

  1. Once you are sure the correct transactions have been selected, select Delete at the top.
  2. The system will ask you to Confirm since this action cannot be reversed.
  3. Select Done.
  4. The transactions will no longer display.
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