How to Create a Quote/Estimate to Win your Customer's Business

How to Create a Quote/Estimate to Win your Customer's Business

How to Create a Quote

Step 1: Navigate to Quotes

You will find Quotes under the Income section in the left hand navigation. Here is a sample of what it looks like.

Step 2: Click "Create" in the top right corner to begin building your Quote

You can Edit and Clone any existing Quotes, to create a new Quote, click the green "Create" button.

Step 3: Creating your Quote:

Once you click Create, you'll be presented with the Quotes Template. 
You will need to:
1. Select an existing customer (or Add a New Customer) who will receive the Quote
2. Select or Add your Product or Service for the work/items you'll deliver
3. Enter the Description, Quantity, and Price

If you have already created a Product, Description, and Price before, these can simply be selected to save time from the drop down menu.

Optional items:
1. Select the Date the Quote expires (Upper right)
2. Determine Currency (USD is the default)
3. Determine relevant applicable tax (Excluding taxes is the default)
4. Attach any relevant images or PDF files 

Once you have your product/service entered, you can easily reference them later, making this step much faster and save you time.

Creating a Quote with Products & Services already built

Step 4: Optional: Determine if you want a customer Signature on your Quote

If you would like to have your customers sign that they've accepted your quote, you can enable this with the touch of a button. Toggle it on to enable signature confirmation.

It's a great tool to help ensure you'll be properly compensated for the work you're delivering. Additionally signatures are useful when navigating larger clients who might be have separate individuals paying their invoices than those who are actually ordering the work done.

Step 5: Review and Send

Once you've determined if you want to collect a signature, the next step is to Review and Send your Quote.
You can easily do this in the top right. If you still need additional time, you can also Save as a draft.

That's it. You've successfully completed your first Quote. Nicely done!

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