How to: Connect Your Bank Account on the Mobile App

How to: Connect Your Bank Account on the Mobile App

The true power of Sunrise comes into play when you add a business bank account. Doing so allows you to pull in your transactions, keeping your bank feed automatically updated and providing access to financial health reports. This also allows you to automatically track paid invoices and expenses.

Adding a new bank account via the Sunrise app is a snap. Here’s how to do it.

Tap the hamburger menu icon on the top right corner of your screen to expand out the menu where you will find Manage Bank Accounts.

This brings you to your current list of bank accounts. If you have not yet connected an account, you’ll see just a prompt to + Add Account.

Tapping this brings up a menu of the most common banks, as well as a search bar to help you find your specific bank. Sunrise connects through Finicity, providing access to thousands of banks and credit institutions.

Once you find your bank, tap it to get started. Let’s say, for example, you are connecting a Bank of America account. By tapping the icon, you’ll see a screen telling you that you are about to link the bank to your Sunrise account through Finicity. Here, you can read the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy. Once you’re ready, tap Next to continue.

Now you will be sent to the login page of your chosen bank. Enter in your login information. You may be prompted to authenticate further depending on whether you have set up other security measures with your bank, such as 2-factor authorization.

Note: If you have multiple accounts linked under one bank account, you may see a prompt to choose which accounts you’d like to link. For example, a business checking account in Bank of America may have a business credit card associated with it as well. In this case, you will see an option to add just the checking account, or both the checking and the credit card account.

Finally, you will be asked to Activate bank connection. You also have the option to rename the Bank name if you wish, as well as the start date of when you want your bank transactions to be imported into Sunrise. Most commonly, the start date would be left blank, which means all your bank transactions will be imported. This screen will look differently depending on your particular bank.

Tap Activate now.

In a few minutes, your Account View will populate with transactions from your newly linked bank account.

You can always disconnect your bank account from Sunrise by going to Manage Bank Accounts, tapping on the connected account, and tapping disconnect.

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