How do I verify my bank with a WePay merchant account?

How do I verify my bank with a WePay merchant account?

How do I verify my bank account?

To verify your account with WePay, please log into your merchant account by clicking on "Payments" and logging into WePay's Merchant Portal. Once logged in, click your name at the top of your homepage. From there click ‘My Settings’. On the left side of the page click on ‘Bank Accounts’ then click ‘Unconfirmed’ next to the account you are trying to verify.

This will lead you to the two verifications methods that WePay offers.
  1. Instant Verification
  2. Micro-deposits

Instant Verification

The first method is instant verify, where you confirm the account by inputting your username and password of your online banking. Please note that not all bank accounts support this. If you’re at a smaller bank or have 2-step verification enabled on your bank account, you may not be able to use this method. This method of verification will take up to 180 seconds to complete.


To verify with Micro-deposits click the button next to ‘Micro-deposits’. Micro-deposits are two small deposits that WePay sends to your bank account. These typically show up in 1-2 business days. Once they’ve posted at your bank, you report them back to If the amounts that you enter match what was sent, your bank account will be confirmed.

The steps to confirm with Micro-deposits are:
  1. Choose the Micro-deposit verification method on
  2. Wait 1-2 business days
  3. Check your online statements or call your bank to check for two small deposits from
  4. Come back to to enter the Micro-deposit amounts you saw in your bank account.
Once you’ve entered the Micro-deposit amounts your account will be verified! Note that the Micro-deposits typically take 1-2 business days to arrive in your bank account. Do not enter Micro-deposit amounts until you have actually seen the deposits in your bank account as this will disable your account and will slow down the verification process.

Receiving funds

Once you've set up your account, any payments you receive will be sent to your bank account automatically. 

If you are new to WePay, the timeline for credit card payments may be closer to 2-5 business days for your first few payments. This is because we are building a profile to help protect you from fraud and other types of risk. Once we have this profile in place your payments tend to process faster -- and safer.

In most cases, credit card payments made by your client before 4pm EST will arrive in your bank account within 2 business days of the client issuing the payment. Bank transfers payments typically arrive in 3-5 business days. WePay also offers same-day deposits for Chase business bank accounts at no additional cost.

WePay is available in the US only.
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