How do I use WePay to accept credit cards and ACH payment?

***How do I use WePay to accept credit cards and ACH payment?

How do I use WePay to accept credit cards and ACH payment?

WePay, powered by Chase, is a quick and secure way to accept credit cards and bank transfers for invoices.

If you have a Lendio account, then you already have access to WePay and can immediately send invoices and accept payments through credit cards and bank transfers. To receive the funds, you will need to connect your bank account to your merchant account. Usually, the setup takes less than five minutes.

Step 1 - Create an Invoice 

When you create a new invoice or edit an existing one, select Credit/Debit Cards and/or Bank Transfer under payment methods. If you haven't used this payment method before, you will need to answer several questions about your business and accept the terms and conditions of WePay. Right away, your clients will have the option to pay you directly through their customer portal.

Step 2 - Set up your merchant account

After you've sent an invoice, the next step is to set up your merchant account and add your bank account so we can send any payments your clients make to you automatically. To do this, look for the email we’ve sent you with the subject, [Action Required] Your WePay Account Is Incomplete and click the, verify my account now button.

You can also set up your merchant account by clicking "WePay" on the top navigation. Your merchant account setup needs to be completed within fourteen days, or any invoices paid through WePay will be refunded.

From here you’ll be asked to set up a password for your payments account. You should have received an email to confirm your password. After your password is set, answer a few simple questions about you and your business, then add your banking details. The entire process should take about five minutes to complete.

Step 3 - Receive the funds

Once you've set up your account, any payments you receive will be sent to your bank account automatically. If you are new to WePay, the timeline for credit card payments may be closer to 2-5 business days for your first few payments. This is because we are building a profile to help protect you from fraud and other types of risk. Once we have this profile in place your payments tend to process faster -- and safer.

In most cases, credit card payments made by your client before 4 pm EST will arrive in your bank account within two business days of the client issuing the payment. Bank transfer payments typically arrive in 3-5 business days. WePay also offers same-day deposits for Chase business bank accounts at no additional cost.

Making changes to your merchant account

To edit your account details, see payments, issue refunds, refute chargebacks, you can click on "Payments" and sign in to your merchant account.

  1. How can I see all my payment transactions and fees paid?
  2. How can I issue a refund with WePay?
  3. How can I change which bank account my payments go to?

WePay is available in the US only.

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