How can I customize my Invoice Templates?

How can I customize my Invoice Templates?

How can I customize my Invoice Templates?

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Learn how to make changes to the language or appearance of invoice templates. This process can also be used to make brand-specific templates so that you can represent your brand to your customers each time you interact with them. Whether you simply want to make a change to your current template or create an entirely new template, follow the steps below.

Note: Customizable Invoice Templates are available for Sunrise Plus users only. 

Invoice Templates Homepage

In Sunrise, you can access the Invoice Templates through the My Business tab on the Navigation Menu 

Some quick notes about the Templates homepage.

  1. Create New Template: Select to customize the template and continue to the  instructions below. 

  2. View Default Template: Preview how the default template will appear, if satisfied, you can proceed with creating an invoice. 

New Invoice Template (Sunrise Plus Users)

Step 1: Appearance

  • Font

  • Borders, margins

  • Upload Logo

  • Background color or image

Step 2: Language

  • Alternative Organization:

    • Customize name, phone, and email

  • Alternative Settings:

    • Customize the tax label

  • Customize Email Messaging for the following: 

  • Invoices

  • Credit Notes

  • Invoice Reminders

  • Estimates

  • Quotes

  • Order Confirmations

  • Recurring Invoice Update Confirmations

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