Estimates and Order Confirmation Now Bundled into Quotes

Estimates and Order Confirmation Now Bundled into Quotes

Beginning June, 2022: Estimates and Order Confirmations are now bundled with Quotes.

With a focus on making our tools more accessible and easier to use, Sunrise has combined combining some of your tools to make them more efficient. Quotes, Estimates, and Order Confirmation features will be streamlined under the Quotes umbrella. Previously each served nearly identical purposes.


This includes:

  • Phasing out estimates and order confirmations 
  • All outstanding estimates and order confirmations previously built have been converted to Quotes. 
  • Any existing Estimates and Order Confirmations will be saved, but the information will be converted to the quotes template.
  • If you’d like to save these documents in their existing form for future use, please download and save them to your computer by June 1, 2022.



Adding Signature Requests: With this launch, you will have the option to request a customer signature for any quote. This will allow you to secure verification from the customer before any work begins for your services.

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