Editing a recurring invoice

Editing a recurring invoice

Making sure your recurring invoices are up to date is crucial to maintaining your relationship with your customers. No one likes receiving an unexpected invoice! If you need to make changes to future scheduled invoices, you can edit the recurring invoice.
  1. Click on a recurring invoice and select the "Edit recurring invoice."
  2. Make any needed changes and click "Save." Changes will be applied to future invoices on the next scheduled date but not to invoices that have already been sent or paid.
  3. If you have customers who have set up automatic payments on recurring invoices, you will be prompted to send an email informing them about changes to their upcoming payments.* 

*To remain compliant with NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines for bank payments and credit card processing, Sunrise requires that changes to recurring payments must include a notice that is sent ten calendar days before a scheduled payment for monthly or yearly payments, one-week before weekly subscriptions, or one day before daily recurring payments.

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