Sunrise by Lendio Dashboard Walk-through

Dashboard Walk-Through

The dashboard is the first thing you see when you log into your Sunrise account. We’ve surveyed hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you to bring together what you want in an appealing, easily digestible format. Let’s dive in!

Date Filter

The Date Filter is a powerful tool on the Sunrise dashboard. You can control date ranges for all of the reporting objects on the Sunrise dashboard with just a couple of clicks.
  1. All time: All of the transactions entered for the current organization for all time.
  2. Month: All transactions entered for the organization in the specified month. Click the checkmark to save your date range.
  3. Quarter: All transactions entered for the specified quarter. This option will reveal a menu that allows you to select the first, second, third, or fourth quarter of any given year.
  4. Year: All transactions entered for the selected year. Clicking on this option will reveal a menu that allows you to select which year you’d like to view.
  5. Fiscal year: If your fiscal year is different from the calendar year, you can select which fiscal year you’d like to view.
  6. Custom: Allows you to view the results for a manually specified date range. This option will allow you to enter the beginning date (on the left) and ending date (on the right) for the financial results you’d like to view. 


The Overview box is designed to give you a high-level snapshot of your financial performance over a given time period. The time period can be changed using the Date Filter, as described above.

  1. Revenue: This line shows the total amount your organization has earned in the selected time period.
  2. Expenses: This line shows the costs your organization has incurred in the selected time period.
  3. Profit/loss: This line shows the difference between revenue earned and expenses incurred for the selected time period.
  4. Compare with: Selecting this box allows you to compare your financial performance to another predefined past time period. It allows you to see things like your year-over-year sales growth or month-over-month expense increase. Make sure to adjust the Date Filter to pull the right figures. 


The Invoice box gives you a snapshot of the current state of your outstanding invoices.

Create invoice: Click here to create a new invoice. 

  1. Create invoice: Click here to create a new invoice.
  2. Drafts: This shows you the number of draft invoices and their total dollar amount. Drafts are invoices that have been created but not sent to the customer.
  3. Overdue: Outstanding invoices and their total amount. These are invoices that have been sent, have not yet had a payment recorded, and are past due.
  4. Unpaid: This shows you the total number of outstanding invoices you have and their total dollar amounts. These invoices have been sent but not paid yet.


The Expenses box gives you a quick overview of draft bills and provides some other useful shortcuts.

  1. Create expense: Click here to create a new expense entry.
  2. Click to upload: Click here to add an expense to Sunrise from your current device. These expenses will be added as draft bills that will need to be approved later.

Important Note: Have a bunch of bills in a single folder? Add them all at once by selecting multiple files. Sunrise will automatically import them all as drafts instead of having to select them one at a time. 

  • Mac: Hold the Command key and select all 

  • Windows: Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple files.

Top Customers and Vendors

These boxes give you an overview of your relationships with your customers and vendors for the selected time period. Remember, you can change the time period by adjusting the Date Filter at the top right of the screen.

  1. Top customers: This box will show you the total dollar value of invoices created for each customer in the selected time period.

  2. Top vendors: This box will show you the total dollar value of bills entered for each vendor in the selected time period.

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