Creating new recurring invoices

Creating new recurring invoices

Creating new recurring invoices

Recurring invoices are a great way to put your invoices on autopilot

If you have customers on retainer or invoice them frequently for the same thing, recurring invoices are going to save you a lot of time. 

To create a recurring invoice

  1. Select the recurring invoice and click "Create recurring invoice"

  2. Fill out the customer information on your invoice

  3. Add product details and pricing.

  4. Pick the start and end date for the sequence of recurring invoices. You can leave the end date blank. Note that invoices can only be started today or in the future, not in the past. If you have an outstanding balance, you can use a one-time line item (see below).

  5. Set the repeat time frame which tells Sunrise how often you want to bill your customer.

  6. Next, customize the message you want to send your customer.  You can use the default message or create a custom message. Here are some tricks to formatting the message.

  7. Finally, confirm your payment methods.

  8. To approve and send your recurring invoice, click "Start recurring invoice". If you're not ready to start the recurring schedule, select "Save draft." 

Sunrise will automatically send out invoices, saving you time and energy.

Add a one-time item to a recurring invoice

There’s a feature specific to recurring invoices. When you hover over a line item, you’ll notice an infinity symbol. Clicking on the infinity icon will allow you to toggle between a one-time item and a recurring item. 

Recurring payments for invoices

Editing recurring invoices

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