Create a new contact in Sunrise by Lendio

Create new contact


Your contacts in Sunrise are individuals or businesses who have purchased your products/services or from whom you have purchased products/services. Entering or importing your contacts within Sunrise is easy and will allow you to keep track of your customers’ and vendors’ information.  Once you have your contacts in Sunrise, you will be able to complete important bookkeeping tasks like creating an invoice and matching transactions

Contact Homepage

In Sunrise, you can access the Contacts homepage through the My Business tab of the Navigation Menu 

Some notes about the Contacts homepage screen to which this navigates:

  1. Create contact: click this button to create a new contact. 

  2. More: click this button for export and import options.

  3. Your total contacts are tallied here and you can check the box to Show Archived contacts. 

  4. Filters: you can click through the options to filter the results showing or use the search box to search for a specific contact. 

  5. These are the column headings for the contact details displayed.

Create Contact

Step 1: Select Create contact from the top right corner of the screen

Step 2: Complete the Contact, Address, and More sections

  1.  Contact

    • Business or contact’s name

    • Country

    • Phone number

    • The type of contact the person is, vendor or customer

  1.  Address

    • Street address

    • City

    • State

    • Zip Code


  1. More 

    • Fax number

    • Website

    • Tax ID

    • Currency

    • Payment terms

    • Email attachment delivery mode

    • Tax Exempt option 

Step 3: Select Save when you are done entering contact information

That's it, you can now access the contact when creating an invoice, or with expensing a transaction. 

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