Converting Your Books from Another Accounting Platform

Converting Your Books from Another Accounting Platform

Converting Your Books from Another Accounting Platform

First, if you are transitioning from another accounting platform like Wave, Quickbooks, or Zoho to Sunrise, we are glad to have you on board! Secondly, this can seem like a daunting task. Our goal with this help article is to make the transition as painless as possible. 

However, if this sounds like a nightmare, we can do the work for you. Please reach out to one of our representatives to inquire about our conversion services. 

If you prefer to do this on your own, don’t fret, you got this. This guide and supplemental video will walk you through the process of transitioning your accounting data into Sunrise.

Set Up Your Chart of Accounts

In your old platform, navigate to your Chart of Accounts (COA). 

You should include your:

  • Expense Categories

  • Assets and Liabilities in your Balance Sheet 

  • Any Equity in the company

  • Income 

  • Royalties

  • Affiliate Commissions

To get your new accounting software working, you need the new one to match your previous COA.

In Sunrise, head to Accounting > Chart of Accounts

Review the accounts we give you by default. Start by renaming existing accounts to the language you're accustomed to. If any accounts are missing, most likely it will be expense categories, then Create Account:

If you are adding a credit card or checking account, or savings account (or Paypal), click on Create bank account. Otherwise, just click Create account.

Decide on the date Sunrise starts accounting for you.

Decide on how far back you want Sunrise to start your accounting. Most people just want to include this fiscal year.

Update your settings to reflect this:

Settings > App settings > Bank synchronization settings

Important! Make sure you don't import data older than this. 

Next, update your Tax settings:

Enter your opening balances

Now you need to tell Sunrise what your opening balances are; otherwise, your bank balances in Sunrise will not reflect what's actually in your bank.

In Tax settings, click on Edit account balances.

You will need to check your old accounting system for these, or your bank account, for the balance in those accounts at the date you set in the last step. 

Note that if you are updating balances in the Balance Sheet, the balance sheet needs to balance. What does that mean?

In double-entry accounting, your Assets = Liabilities + Owners Equity.

So if you create an opening balance of $1,000 for some assets you have, maybe your Computers and some desks, then you will need to enter some kind of balancing entry either in Liabilities or Owners Equity. 

Note: if A /= L+OE, then you will not be able to save that page in Sunrise.

If you don't know how to do this, then create a generic account called "Historical Adjustments" in your Liabilities, and invite your accountant to help you out. Use Historical Adjustment to get your balance so you can save the page.

Import your contacts

There are three kinds of contacts in Sunrise:

  • Customers

  • Vendors

  • Both customers and vendors

When you upload your list of contacts from your old system, your data might not have these distinctions. So it's advisable to set all of your contacts as Both. 

To find out what CSV format to use, first download your contacts from Sunrise, even if there aren't any.  By doing this step, it will help create a template for you with the headers you need:

Before you upload 100+ contacts, I advise you strongly to try just one or two with your import to make sure they are getting categorized as Both correctly. Also, be sure to remove duplicates from your list before importing to Sunrise.

It is difficult to make changes to large numbers of contacts. Test and get it right first. 

Import your past transactions.

Note, do not attempt this until you have all your accounts, bank accounts expense accounts, assets, liabilities, and contacts set up.

You will import past transactions either by uploading them directly into your bank accounts and then Reconciling them or using the Journal.

Importing to your bank

Head to Bank accounts and select your bank or credit card for the import. Then click on Reconcile.

Sunrise can only import 200 records at a time into bank accounts. 

Make sure the CSV file you upload from your Bank into Sunrise has at least these headings:

  • Date

  • Description 

  • Amount (single column with positive and negative numbers) 

In the new bank account you created, click on Reconcile > Upload statement

Note: The date must be in US format MM/DD/YYYY, and the amount field must be numbers only, no formatting for currency. 

Then simply work your way through the list. 

  • Categorize expenses = Create a bill

  • Label revenue sources = Create an invoice

  • Record a transfer to another account like a CC payment  = Create another transaction

Use the Journal (Advanced)

Head to Accounting > Journal > More Import

The file you will import should be a CSV file. We suggest exporting the file first so you can have the template. The template will tell you what headers Sunrise needs to import your data.

Once your data is cleaned up, with the headers Sunrise needs, and is saved as a CSV, import the file into the Journal. From there, you can choose the account and expense and income categories.

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