Company Logo Sizes in Sunrise by Lendio

Company Logo Sizes in Sunrise

Wondering what dimensions for uploading your logo to Sunrise?

There are 3 places to upload your logo in Sunrise:
  1. Main Logo
  2. Icon Setting
  3. Invoice Template

Main Logo Settings

Step 1: Navigate to Settings, click on Organization.
Step 2: Upload your logo in the Logo box.

Note: The dimensions for your logo are best optimized at 900 px by 300px.

Icon Settings

Just below your logo is the icon, which is the square people will see in the corner of their browsers in the customer portal:

Note: The logo (Favicon) optimal size is 50px by 50px. 

Customer Portal View

When you send invoices to your customers, this is what they will see.


Your Invoice Template

The final place to upload your logo is in the invoice template. If you see oversized logos in the customer portal or in pdf invoices, be sure to check these settings.

Step 1: Select Settings, and click on Templates.
Step 2: Open the template you are using (most likely default).
Step 3: Scroll until you see Alternative logo.

Note: The dimensions for your logo are best optimized at 400px by 70px.

Background Size

The size of the image background for the invoices in the customer portal is 900 px by 1500 px.
Note: Since invoice heights change based on the number of line items, it's not recommended to have a footer image. Also, keep the background height as large as possible to reduce duplication. 

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