Common Bank Sync Issues

Issues Syncing My Bank Account

  1. The following situations are some common issues encountered & how to troubleshoot them. 

    Invalid Credentials

    Your financial institution has indicated that the credentials provided are invalid.

    • Verify that you’re selecting the correct institution in the link, and not a similarly-named but different institution.

    • Verify that your credentials are legitimately correct by logging in directly to your financial institution first (open a new tab to do this).

    • If this fails, contact our support team at

    User Setup Required

    You must login directly to your financial institution through the Lendio platform. You will then be prompted to take some action before Finicity can access your account(s). This can look like any of the following.

    • Agree to updated terms and conditions.

    • Authorize Finicity’s access.

    • Receive a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) via email, text, or call.

    Complete any steps requested by your institution, and if this fails to resolve your connectivity issues please reach out to our support team.

    Account Locked

    If your financial institution has indicated that your account is locked; work directly with your financial institution to unlock your account. This is typically a security measure to make sure it's really you linking the account.

    • After consulting with your financial institution, if the problem persists, please reach out to our support team.

    Need more help? If you have trouble with this process, send our customer experience team a message by clicking Help on the Navigation Menu or email

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